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Jul 06, 2020

Fleshjack in Pop Culture Presents: The “Bug’s Life" Toy


“This is it. This is the holy grail...only one of four in existence!” 

Introducing the rare and limited “Bug’s Life Fleshlight”!

Before going any further, it’s important we make it as absolutely as clear as possible that this monstrosity creation is not one of our own. 

With that being said, we appreciate the creativity, ingenuity, and utter madness involved in bringing this to life.

This unique take on our world-famous male masturbators was designed, created, and shared on social media by Austin-based artist, Malek Lazri

Earlier this year, the story was picked up by Vice who has also written other Fleshlight-centric articles in years past.

So, What’s the Story?

In case you missed it, the 1998 animated Pixar movie, Bug’s Life, revolves around the main protagonist, Heimlich, a chunky caterpillar that aspires to be a butterfly. 
We hate to admit it but the character’s plump lips and elongated exterior cause him to look an awful lot like a Fleshlight sleeve.

The resemblance isn’t uncanny, but we get how a twisted, comedic mind might have put two and two together.

Malez Lazri, its creator, was inspired by popular Reddit memes to make this vision a reality. 

To do this, Lazari first formed a clay mold, then filled it with silicone. 
Afterward, he painted it to match the colors of the Pixar character, formed

Heimlich's face out of a silicone mold, and drew in his facial features with a permanent marker, emulating the character’s rosy cheeks. 
He then created a promotional video of his creation and uploaded it to both Instagram and TicTok where he racked up over 50,000 likes.

At a price of a whopping $2,000, “this is the holy grail when it comes to promotional items.", according to Lazri. 

Since putting his creation up for sale on eBay and Craigslist Lazri has stated that although no serious offers have come through within the first month that it was up, he has received a lot of inquiries, wondering what is it and why was inspired to create it in the first place.

In the video’s description, he pointed out that his products were "gently used” and had “light wear" (what this means, we have no idea)
 He also made it a point to mention that Heimlich still had his "ticklers" intact. 

After learning of the Bug’s Life Fleshlight, our marketing team went hard to work researching this bizarre rendition of our flagship product. 

We learned two interesting facts:  

1) Although Lazri had suggested that it was a collector's item manufactured by Pixar, as a “promotional item”, it’s definitely not. 
2) It’s not actually a fuckable Fleshlight. There is no actual penetrable hole (thank god).

When asked by Vice if he's worried at all about Pixar asking him to cease and desist his playful and creative pursuits with one of their original characters, he responded, "I would love that... just to receive that email would be great."

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Fleshjack in Pop Culture. To stay up to date with all things Fleshjack, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.

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