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Samuel O'Toole

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Samuel O'Toole

Samuel O'Toole
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Molded from the star himself, this unique signature texture will be sure to rock your world! One of our most stimulating FleshJack Boy sleeves ever!

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Samuel O'Toole

Petaluma, CA

Samuel O'Toole is one of gay porn's hottest studs on film. With dozens of film credits to his name, O'Toole makes himself available to his fans through YouTube question-and-answer sessions as well as Fleshjack sex toys. After viewing those YouTube archives, you'll learn that the movie Titanic did not bring O'Toole to tears; however, the animated classic The Iron Giant did. While he has a soft side, O'Toole also enjoys some macho hobbies. For example, he likes driving police-style cars, such as his Ford Crown Victoria.

Standing 5' 7", his stature makes him an adorable muscled fantasy for his fellow porn stars. It's endearing to think he likes to play video games and that he's addicted to sci-fi flicks. While he's seen all the Star Wars movies, his favorite movie is "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." He's also a fan of "Sons of Anarchy," "Glee," and "American Idol."

As a Scorpio, O'Toole is appropriately passionate in and out of the bedroom. However, he's never been in a physical fight. Instead, this stud believes that everyone should make an effort to talk things out. His dream is that someday people can evolve to a place where violence isn't the answer.

When he's not on film or modeling for Fleshjack sex toys, O'Toole enjoys watching other porn stars such as Rachel Star and Matthew Rush. Samuel O'Toole is very into MMA, and his favorite athlete is fighter George St. Pierre. In the summer, you'll see O'Toole outside as much as possible. He enjoys keeping his fine body in shape by diving, wrenching, and riding his motorcycle. You might also catch him off the beaten path enjoying his photography hobby. If you look like Brad Pitt (O'Toole's favorite male actor), you might have a chance with him. Just be warned that bad hygiene is a real turn-off for this heartthrob.

The Hippy Boy Next Door

O'Toole calls himself the sexy hippy porn star who loves having sex. His first porn scene was in 2010. It was the start of a lucrative and successful career in porn. In addition to shooting porn and cultivating a strong fanbase, he's worked toward two degrees. His second degree was a bachelor in business. Because Samuel O'Toole doesn't live in Porn Valley, he feels he gets to be more of the boy next door. He rides his cars every day whether rain or shine. Furthermore, he loves the ocean, camping, and hanging by the beach as often as possible.

O'Toole doesn't see himself as the average porn star in regard to his life. You won't find him partying too hard, and he doesn't get into a lot of drama. This rising star is more likely to spend time online with his fans. With his trio of Fleshjack products, you'll get to know Samuel O'Toole the way he wants all his fans to know him. The Tooleboxx and Squeeze give you a sense of being deep inside him while the Swallow will give you oral sex pleasure. With products modeled from Samuel O'Toole's actual body, the O'Toole Fleshjack collection is a must for all his fans.

Get Inside The Tooleboxx

With the Tooleboxx, Fleshjack has given fans the easiest way to have sex with Samuel O'Toole. It's a perfect replica of what porn stars have come to know as one of the best rides in the business. Built with an 8-inch insertable area, this toy allows you to feel O'Toole's every nook and cranny. The squeeze is tight but roomy enough to fit your entire length. There will be no surprise twists or turns in this sleeve. With ribbed sides to give you a slight massage as you enter and enter again, this sleeve offers a perfect ride to completion. The Samuel O'Toole Tooleboxx offers an experience you'll never forget.

Experience The O'Toole Squeeze

For a very different Samuel O'Toole sex toy, try the Fleshjack Squeeze. This extra-snug sleeve is designed to make you feel a truly unique sensation. The Squeeze begins to draw you in as your tip enters into an incredibly tight space. You'll have to push in because once you're past the squeeze, you enter a swirling maze of replicated flesh that will twist your flesh into euphoria. While you're being twisted deep inside, your shaft can enter and exit the squeeze. It's a Fleshjack sex experience that O'Toole wants fans to experience.

When the product is combined with the Fleshjack Shower Mount, your Samuel O'Toole fantasies will all come true. This addition to your collection adds a new hands-free dimension to your solo sessions. As the product name implies, you can mount it on your bathroom wall to make shower time a little more exciting.

Know Samuel O'Toole and his Swallow

Another unique Fleshjack product available in the Samuel O'Toole collection is a mouth simulation toy. Called the Swallow, this Samuel O'Toole sex toy is molded from the porn star's perfect lips. Getting a nice wetness with Fleshjack's patented lubricant will make the experience even more realistic. A little way into the mouth, your shaft will be pushed tight through the ribbed entry. Imagine Samuel O'Toole's teeth lightly grinding you to orgasm as you push farther. Once all the way in, your tip enters a canal that gives some ideal throat action. The push and pull of your skin as you imagine O'Toole's lips holding you tight will bring you to an overwhelming climax.

Fleshjack's trio of Samuel O'Toole sex toys provides a perfect release for the sexual fantasies you have for this classy porn stud. No matter what orifice you want to enter, Fleshjack has you covered.

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday November 6th
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'7"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 160lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Brown
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