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Chris Rockway

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Chris Rockway

Chris Rockway
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Molded from the star himself, this unique signature texture will be sure to rock your world! One of our most stimulating FleshJack Boy sleeves ever!

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Chris Rockway

Chatsworth, CA

For more than a decade, Chris Rockway has been the gold standard when it comes to explosive performances with men. He was born in November of 1979, which means he has the experience to satisfy all of his lovers. With Fleshjack's tantalizing replicas of his penis and butt, you can be one of the lucky ones to have sex with Chris Rockway, too.

Since he's a Scorpio, Chris Rockway's ruling planet is Pluto. This means that he's resourceful, sensual and dominant, and that's exactly how he performs. The Taurus is also known for being reliable. As you probably know, dependable end results are a proven asset of Chris Rockway.

Chris has been active in the porn industry since 2006. Most of his feature films have been made for the digital world and produced by Randy Blue. If you're a true fan, you could watch the videos from the comfort of home while enjoying Chris Rockway sex toys during your alone time. Some of his most memorable films have included "A Toy Circle Jerk: Slip-N-Slide It In!" and "Gavin, Braden, Brodie, James, Chris and Blake in a Circle Jerk: The All-Star Circle Jerk." If you've seen these or any of Chris Rockway's other performances, you know how explosive his performances can be.

This stud is also known for his incredible live performances, such as the "Halloween Special 2010" or the "Chris Rockway Holiday Special." Whether you've been naughty or nice, Fleshjack's replica cocks and butt orifices are sure to be among the best gifts you could give yourself.

Experience Some Euphoric Sensations

One of Chris Rockway's most solid attributes is his pert, tight butt. Now you can feel it for yourself because he has partnered with Fleshjack to produce the custom Euphoria sleeve.

This sleeve is molded directly from his ass. The tight opening is perfectly centered, forming a cute star shape. Upon penetration of the ass sleeve, you'll feel the unique sensation of the oblong beads that stud the tunnel. These beads go all the way up the sleeve, stimulating your cock from tip to base. With each thrust into the Fleshjack Euphoria, your balls will also experience the titillating sensation of the platinum-cured silicone. This will make it feel like you're penetrating Chris himself. The insertable length of the Euphoria is 8.5 inches, and its total length is 9.75 inches. This sexy sleeve is contained in an opalescent blue shimmering case, which matches Chris' hazel eyes in the sultry light.

Penetrate the Tight Bum of Chris Rockway

Chris's tight opening is one of his best characteristics. Now you can experience it for yourself when you try the Fleshjack Sensation Squeeze toy. This toy squeezes your head, giving you pressure all the way around your member. As you penetrate the orifice, you'll feel the tight threads that provide direct stimulation to your head and shaft. With each thrust, those rings will stimulate all the way down your shaft, leading to an intense orgasm. After the threaded rings, the sleeve opens up to a wavy canal, which awaits your end results.

This is also a fabulous toy to add to your collection of endurance training products. With a little practice, you'll be able to deliver an exemplary performance to your partner. Furthermore, the Squeeze is a mind-blowing way to enjoy your solo sessions while acting out some of your favorite scenes from Chris's most memorable performances.

Get on the Receiving End of Chris Rockway Sex Toys

Chris is a proven oral performer. As fans know, many of his live-action and recorded scenes feature him opening wide to receive his partner. Now you can enjoy this oral stimulation for yourself with the Fleshjack Sensations Swallow sleeve. No matter what type of an oral fantasy you have involving Chris, you can bring it to life with this sleeve.

The sleeve is formed from a cast of Chris's full, sensual lips. Since it's made of Fleshjack's ultra-smooth SuperSkin, you'll feel a realistic sensation against the tip of your penis as soon as you enter the orifice. Upon penetration, you'll encounter a moderately tight opening with a super-ribbed texture. Once your member is halfway through the tunnel, you'll feel the back of the throat, which forms a tight canal just like you would feel with a real blowjob. The insertable length of this Swallow sleeve is 8.5 inches, giving you the full oral sex experience you fantasize about. For a warm, moist experience just like what Chris's mouth delivers, pair it with the Water Fleshlube.

Act Out Your Fantasies With Chris Rockway

If seeing your end result makes your solo sessions more satisfying, try the Fleshjack Ice sex toy. The Ice sleeves and case are crystal-clear, which means that you get to see each and every thrust as well as all of the details of your own performance. The Chris Rockway Ice sex toys have all of your favorite replica orifices, including the Swallow and Euphoria. The Ice toys are also a great addition to your collection of toys for couples play.

You might also consider a hands-free mount for enjoying your Chris Rockway replica ass or mouth orifices. Whether you enjoy touching other parts of your body while thrusting or you like caressing your partner during the act, you may want to have your hands free. These Fleshjack toys of Chris's orifices are compatible with the mounts. Climb aboard and mount him. These sex toys allow you to act out your mind's most vivid Chris Rockway fantasies

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday November 21st
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Scorpio
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'9"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 190lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Hazel
  • Position
    Position Top
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