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Dolph Lambert

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Dolph Lambert

Dolph Lambert
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Molded from the star himself, this unique signature texture will be sure to rock your world! One of our most stimulating FleshJack Boy sleeves ever!

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Dolph Lambert

Dolph Lambert is featured in more than a dozen major porn films including "More Than You Can Handle," "French Kiss," "Kinky & Dolph," and the groundbreaking "BelAmi 3D." Born in 1988, Dolph is a Czech Republic native who boasts a tall, lean, and muscular figure. His weight averages a sexy 190 pounds, giving his 6-foot-2-inch rippled body an irresistible allure. Topping off the perfection of his unbreakable sexual spell are his seductive blue eyes that highlight his short blond hair. His looks alone could get you off.

Dolph Lambert is known for partying with major celebrities in his free time. Sir Elton John has spent many hours in the grace of Dolph. Other celebrities with whom he's been known to socialize include tennis great Jan-Michael Gambill, singer Rob Thomas, and model Andy Lehman. His Czech upbringing helped him learn the hard work of farm life, which helped sculpt his perfect body. When he's not on a shoot, he's jogging to stay fit and listening to various forms of music. From rock to blues and, of course, Elton John, Dolph Lambert's musical tastes are diverse.

During his university tenure, he consistently stayed on the dean's list, showing that he is more than just a pretty face. Although you may not be able to experience his unwavering charm and intelligence firsthand, the Fleshjack Lambert sex toys offer you the opportunity to enjoy his most famous physical assets.

Enjoy the Fleshjack Delight of Dolph Lambert

Fleshjack offers many options for the Dolph Lambert fan, but none is more delightful than the Delight sleeve. For the perfect fit, the Delight offers a total length of 9 inches and an 8-inch insertable length. A remarkably consistent ride, the Delight strokes you with the same ribs from entry to end. Your cock will embrace the consistency and comfort of this stimulating sleeve. You'll blow easily with Delight when you enjoy the Lambert experience.

Experience the Squeeze of Dolph

Whether you choose to use it as an addicting standalone or the perfect companion to the Delight toy, the Squeeze from Fleshjack offers a far different but still incredible experience. From the moment you enter the 8-inch Squeeze sleeve, Lambert's perfectly molded toy starts to grip you tightly. At first entry, you’ll push your tip through a narrow opening and experience the initial breathtaking sensation.

Keeping your tip in the Squeeze could be enough to blow your mind, but when you push farther in, your length experiences the waves. A stroke that twists and turns against your flesh while the end of your shaft sits in the Squeeze is an experience beyond belief. It's what every male star has enjoyed when Dolph gives his best performance. For the combo, use Delight as a starter. Then, as you near completion, let Dolph Squeeze you to the end.

Experience Dolph Lambert's Swallow

This unique Fleshjack product puts the orgasmic experience in a replica of Dolph's supple lips and willing mouth. Oral sex simulation has never been better than with this 9-inch sleeve. With Fleshjack personal lube covering Dolph's lips, rub the tip of your member along the contour of his open mouth. When your tip is well-lubed, slide between his lips as you enter the supple and willing opening that feels completely realistic thanks to Fleshjack’s SuperSkin material.

Upon entry, the tightness will be unrelenting on your tip. As your shaft strokes in and out of this perfectly designed opening and you slide farther into his mouth, the toy offers a ribbed texture that sends rippling sensations on the tip of your penis while the shaft is still in the sleeve. Finally, pushing all the way into Dolph's mouth, you'll enter a willing deep throat where a tight solid canal awaits. The experience will replicate what it would be like to have sex with Dolph Lambert as he shows off his exceptional oral skills.

Dolph Lambert and the Perfect Dildo

When you're ready to be taken by Lambert, spread for the perfectly molded dildo that is made from high-quality platinum-cured silicone. With balls included, his shaft is a full 7 inches in length. You’ll have 6 inches available to take inside. His girth is ample as well. Experience what every bottom who has been with Dolph experiences. The exact anatomy that's been filmed in over 100 hours of gorgeous porn can be felt in the privacy of your home by yourself or with a lucky partner.

Accessories to Lift the Experience

Fleshjack offers many accessories to accentuate your sexual pleasure with the Dolph Lambert sex toys. For the perfect showering experience, the Fleshjack Shower Mount gives you the freedom to use your two free hands elsewhere. While pumping your Delight or Squeeze sleeve, use a free hand to have Dolph's dildo inserted inside of you. It's like having a threesome all by yourself.

Another ideal hands-free accessory for Dolph Lambert sex toys is the Hands-Free Fleshjack Phone Strap. The phone strap holds your phone or tablet so that you can watch Dolph Lambert have sex on the screen while you simulate being inside him or having him inside you. The hands-free phone mount can be attached to your leg or a piece of furniture nearby. It's the perfect accessory when you want more than your imagination. Watching Dolph Lambert in action will enhance the experience of using his perfectly modeled Fleshjack products. Enjoy Fleshjack toys to take this sexy Czech porn star or have him take you.

  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 6'2"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 190lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Blue-Green
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