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Donny Wright

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Donny Wright

Donny Wright
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Molded from the star himself, this unique signature texture will be sure to rock your world! One of our most stimulating FleshJack Boy sleeves ever!

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Donny Wright

San Diego, CA

A buff beach body and a boy-next-door smile are just a couple of the initial things you notice about adult film star Donny Wright. This soft-spoken celebrity may seem shy at first glance, but once you break the ice, you’ll see just how outgoing he can be. Hook up for erotic enjoyment like you have never experienced before. All you need are some visuals of Donny and one of the three Fleshjack Boy Donny Wright Fleshjack toys.

Donny hails from San Diego, and like a true California dreamer, he loves spending time in the surf and sand with his friends. A strapping 6-footer with a fighting weight of 170 pounds, Donny is at the peak of his physical prowess and ready to meet his match. His easygoing and agreeable attitude toward life has taken him from virtual anonymity to a place in the annals of adult entertainment in a short amount of time. Today, his star is still on the rise. Now is the prime time for you to declare yourself as his number one fan by setting aside some solo time for erotic play with the Fleshjack Nirvana, Squeeze, or Swallow pleasure toys modeled after Donny Wright and his own uniquely exciting anatomy.

Donny is just as comfortable poolside as he is listening to some light jazz at the corner club. Nothing puts him in a romantic and playful mood like some sweet sax riffs when the lights are low and he’s starting to wind down. Imagine that dream evening when you step into your favorite beach bar and happen upon your favorite red-hot porn star. Strike up a friendly conversation and follow where it leads you. Maybe he would say he has been looking for a sexy man just like you. A chance to have sex with Donny Wright would be your dream come true.

This is the time when you need to have the Donny Wright Fleshjack near to hand. When you are neck deep in your wildest fantasies, you want the sweet release that can only come from Donny’s special touch. Your Fleshjack Boy sex toy is up to the challenge. Modeled after Donny Wright and his ultra-buff anatomy, it provides the snug, authentic, and out-of-this-world experience that you know in your heart is pure unadulterated Donny Wright.

The Fleshjack Boy Donny Wright Nirvana

As an in-demand adult movie icon, Donny acts out the type of fantasies on the screen that the majority of gay men can only imagine. Whether it’s a chance encounter, a steamy threesome, or just about any other erotic situation, Donny’s character is always game. The Nirvana Donny Wright Fleshjack reflects the star’s unique talent to satisfy with an ultra-stimulating sleeve that features tightly packed ridges and twists you can really grind on. It’s a wild ride that only the Nirvana can deliver with inevitable success, and only Donny Wright does it better than his signature sex toys.

The soft, resilient SuperSkin Fleshjack sleeve responds to every nuance of movement with a stimulating, all-encompassing embrace that seems to tighten and release at all the right moments. This safe sex toy provides you with virtually limitless pleasure as you play by yourself or with a friend. The Fleshjack is the safest sex partner you will ever have, and it makes a great training tool as well. It comes apart for easy cleaning between uses, so you can enjoy the thrill over and over again.

The Donny Wright Squeeze

You know you want it. It’s the exquisite tingle that you get on the first contact. The Fleshjack Boy Squeeze sleeve is customized for a quick introduction to Donny’s most personal anatomy with a tight portal that guides you expertly into a veritable garden of delights. A lightning transition from a taut threaded passageway into a delightfully snug canal lets you ride the waves of pleasure to sweet peaks of ecstasy that take you higher and higher.

Donny Wright is there beside you, urging you on to those heady heights and catching you up in his well-muscled arms when you finally attain that elusive yet incredible plateau. Once you have been through such an out-of-body experience together, your bond is forged forever. Subsequent sessions with your Donny Wright sex toy can only get better and better.

The Donny Wright Fleshjack Swallow

With Donny Wright, it has always been all or nothing, which you probably know if you follow his film career. The Fleshjack Swallow brings your erotic experience full circle with a faithfully duplicated rendition of Donny’s sumptuous lips. This awesome Fleshjack toy practically begs you to partake and experience yet another life-altering climax. Once you slip through an opening that gives in softly yet remains firmly pursed, you will feel a rush of voluptuous sensations that set your head spinning. Go ahead and follow wherever your desire takes you to the crashing climax you crave. Remember, no worries. This realistic Fleshjack sex toy is called the Swallow.

Tie Up the Complete Package

Nirvana, Squeeze, and Swallow comprise a triple threat package that keeps you covered no matter your mood. Donny Wright never turns down a threesome, so treat yourself to a complete array of these totally consuming and completely riveting Donny Wright sex toys. Be sure to add some lubrication into the mix to ease your way in with a silken glide. Choose from a number of options, including the Fleshlube Fire and Ice or the specially formulated Wet Uranus lube products. You can also grab a combo pack for variety. Get ready to feel the pleasure that only Fleshjack can provide.

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday April 14th
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 6'0"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 170lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Brown
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