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Molded from the star himself, this unique signature texture will be sure to rock your world! One of our most stimulating FleshJack Boy sleeves ever!

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Jean-Daniel is a cam model who took the world by storm after joining with Bel Ami to host his own live shows. The California native went to the head offices of the studio with an idea of shooting shows just by himself and quickly learned about the world of opportunities available to him. With a rock-hard body and charming attitude, Jean-Daniel looks like the guy next door — only better. It didn't take long for him to realize that he could gain even more fans with an expansion of his portfolio.

George Duroy, one of the heads of the studio, found himself taken with the model from their first meeting. Jean-Daniel had the kind of “aw shucks” attitude seldom seen in the industry. Not only did he want to talk with his family before doing any gay shows, but he seemed charmed by the idea that others might want to see him in next to nothing. He further expanded his horizons with his first anal penetration scene while shooting in Africa and his first drag shows in Europe. All those experiences helped shape the man he is today and the man you see on your screen.

Though Jean-Daniel started out with a goal to make enough money to pay off all his debt, he hit that goal in the past and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down today. You can log in to watch him chilling on his couch in nothing but a pair of jeans. His shows appeal to those who like seeing the guy next door get a little down and dirty. With deep brown eyes, a chiseled body, and a soft smile on his luscious lips, this model might remind you of a sexier version of someone you actually know. The Jean-Daniel sex toy collection from Fleshjack helps you live out all your fantasies of this hunk. Don't forget to stock up on lube.

Go to Paradise With Jean-Daniel

Have you ever watched this handsome man live and wished he would sweep you away to paradise? Using the Paradise sex toy is as close to heaven as being naked on the beach with the model in real life. This popular toy mimics the look and feel of Jean-Daniel so much that you'll know exactly what having sex with him actually feels like. The model gave Fleshjack his approval to model the toy after him, and he even added his signature to it.

Designed for those who want more stimulation, the toy has a tight chamber inside that fits with the tight entry hole on the end. Each individual chamber hugs and tugs on your member to ensure that you feel every sensation all the way from your tip to your balls or however far you want to get inside. Suitable for playing with while watching videos or checking out his hottest photos, it will take you to paradise with each stroke.

Let Jean-Daniel Squeeze You

Whether taking control on the top or being passive on the bottom, Jean-Daniel knows how to make his costars and fans tremble with lust each time he gets in front of the camera. If you always wanted to know what it felt like to get inside this handsome fellow and pound to your heart's content, the Squeeze is the ultimate toy. While this has the same tight, puckered rosebud hole that so many men love, the interior is like nothing in this world.

The first thing your head feels is a chamber made of a flexible material that stretches to accommodate you. This chamber uses a threaded texture that glides over your head and shaft in the same way his own anal canal would. You'll then enter a waxy chamber with a wavy design that runs back and forth across your penis. Thanks to the mounts and hands-free products that Fleshjack makes, you can use this toy in your shower and anywhere else you want to have fun in your home.

Jean-Daniel Wants to Swallow You

If you'd rather get a blowjob than have sex with Jean-Daniel, the Swallow will get your heart racing. This twist on the Fleshjack Classic features soft and supple lips that surround a glorious internal chamber. Those lips look just like the lips that you see when watching his videos. You can almost imagine him opening his soft lips to talk to his fans, sensually drink a cup of coffee, or part just slightly in anticipation. Fans of his work will also see lips that remind them of the model taking his partners deep in his mouth.

The Swallow offers the most realistic blowjob experience in the world. Fleshjack added a SuperSkin mouth that parts elegantly as you insert yourself inside, but that mouth then wraps around your head and rubs against the shaft and balls to make you feel like Jean-Daniel is actually on his knees beside you. The multiple canals and chambers inside mimic the sensation and feel of the model's own mouth.

Jean-Daniel Dildo

All the toys in this Fleshjack collection are suitable for fans of this cam model. Whether you want to practice your own blowjob skills or see what it's like to have Jean-Daniel inside you, you'll love the Fleshjack dildo that's modeled after his cock. The toy has balls that you can actually cradle and hug, a shaft that curves enticingly, and veins along the sides. You can mount this dildo to a table or your shower with the right adapter to see how deep it can go. If you're a fan of Jean-Daniel and all his work, these toys help you live out your dirtiest fantasies.

  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 6'0"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 150lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Brown
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