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Brent Everett

Brent Everett
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The texture was inspired by Brent’s double armband tattoo; the name was inspired by the pure lust Brent brings out in all of the boys.

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Brent Everett

Saskatchewan, Canada

Arguably Canada's hottest export, Brent Everett hails from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a place of wide expanses and an endless sky stretching from horizon to horizon. Wild and free like his prairie home, Brent Everett created a sensation when he started posing as a model for Freshmen Magazine in 2003 at the age of 18, winning the coveted centerfold spot with his simmering good looks and muscled physique. Brent quickly landed repeated spreads in Playguy Magazine and caused such a stir in Europe that he was interviewed by the French publication PREF in 2007. In addition to his distinctive good looks, the actor has a tattoo on his right arm that spells his birth name, Dustin, in Chinese characters, and another on his left that resembles a double armband.

Brent Everett has more than 40 films to his credit, an impressive number for his relatively short career. "Navy Blues: Deeper in The Brig" was his debut performance in 2003, followed quickly by other favorites like "Lookin' For Trouble" and "Cruising It." Brent Everett is also credited as the director and as a producer for the film "Wantin' More" in 2006, adding to his list of skills. He has also produced a series of short documentaries about his own life, including "Brent Everett XXX," "Outspoken" and "I'm A Porn Star." Brent is known for his versatility and range of positions, playing both dominant and submissive roles.

The pop star Killian Wells featured Brent Everett in the music video for his hit "STRFKR," where Brent appeared alongside actor Michael Serrato. Known as a longtime fan of Wells' work, Brent commented that appearing in the video was an opportunity of a lifetime and he simply couldn't refuse the project. With experiences such as this added to his resume, Brent decided to create his own website, aimed at providing live webcam shows and images for downloading. He also started his own film company, Triple X Studios, which allows him the freedom to direct, produce and star in projects of his choice.

Naturally, with such obvious sex appeal, versatility and enthusiasm for his work, Brent Everett is the recipient of an impressive range of awards and nominations. In 2005, he received his first nomination from the GayVN Awards for "Best Sex Scene." While the win went to someone else, it wasn't long before Brent would be savoring his own victories. In 2006, he won Freshmen Magazine's coveted "Freshman of the Year" award. Both 2010 and 2011 were stellar years for Brent, seeing him win no fewer than 12 awards in categories like "Best Performer of the Year" from the Grabby Awards and "Best Movie of the Year" from the Cybersocket Web Awards. He even won the European MSM Internet Survey category of "Most Popular Pornstar."

With a body of work like this under his belt, it's really no surprise that Brent Everett's next endeavor would be to team up with Fleshjack. Whether you've admired Brent's films for years or are completely new to his filmography, you'll enjoy spending a little quality time with your own Brent Everett sex toy. Every Fleshjack creation takes its inspiration from the life and adventures of luminaries in the adult film world, resulting in a toy that is unique to that particular star.

Savor the Ecstasy with Brett Everett

There's a reason Fleshjack chose Brent Everett as one of its hottest sex toy models. He's a veteran of gay erotica, and his techniques certainly bring out the ecstasy in every partner he's with. You can slide deep inside Brett and feel the pleasure for yourself with this realistic sleeve. Beginning with an opening expertly crafted using Brent as the model, the pattern of this toy's interior took its inspiration from Brent's armband tattoo; two distinctive bands clustered close together offer a tactile gripping of your length before the passage narrows for an enjoyable tightening sensation. Then you'll encounter the double band texture once more, repeating the pattern over and over as anticipation climbs. The combination of these two textures results in a romp that plays equally well with every stroke whether your pace is slow or fast. Draw out the sensations with slow and steady strokes or speed up the pace for a breathtaking ride.

Let Brett Give You a Squeeze

The Squeeze is exactly as advertised: an erotically tight toy that caresses your entire length, from the cheeky orifice modeled exactly on Brent Everett's own tight opening all the way to the final delectable squeeze at the end. The first chamber resembles the threads on a screw, multiple ridges packed together in a narrow passage that is brimming with tactile sensations as you penetrate deeper. Entering the second chamber, you'll encounter a series of undulating waves that caress the head and length of your shaft both going and coming. If you like it tight and sensuous, this is the perfect toy for you. It's ideal for both stamina training and general play, and you can pair this toy with some of Fleshjack's own slippery lubes for a smooth ride.

Get Brett Everett Deep Inside You

If you've ever fantasized about what it's like to have sex with Brent Everett, this is your chance to let your imagination run free. Modeled after Brent's own body, this dildo measures in at an enticing seven inches of insertable length and over five inches of girthy circumference. Crafted of platinum-cured silicone with realistic veining and a gentle curve designed to target your prostate, this is one toy you'll love having in your collection for either solo or partner play. Use it in conjunction with Fleshjack's Quickshot for an unforgettable play session that lavishes every sensitive inch of you with delicious sensations.

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday February 10th
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'7"
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    Weight 145lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Brown
  • Length
    Penis Length 8"
  • Girth
    Penis Girth 5.5"
  • Position
    Position Versatile
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