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Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol
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Kevin Warhol

Ostrava, Czech Republic

With his shy look and a charming personality, it's no surprise that Kevin Warhol fans line up and stand at attention to watch him at work. Though he made his first appearance on film in 2010, it didn't take long before loads of men started watching, which led to him signing with Bel Ami and appearing in several other films. Even his own costars love working with him. Christian Lundgren looks back fondly on filming his first porn scene ever with Warhol and claims that it made for an unforgettable experience. Another fan is Helmut Huxley. "I love filming with Kevin and Jerome," he once said after mentioning that working with Warhol was one of his favorite experiences.

Raised overseas, Kevin Warhol developed his unique personality as a result of being on his own for many years and learning how to care for himself. Many of the directors who worked with him in the past found him just as interesting when hanging out between takes on the set as he was when standing in front of the camera. Though he was a little shy in the beginning of his career, he quickly came out of his shell and found a legion of fans waiting for him.

It was on a Bel Ami-sponsored trip to South Africa that Kevin Warhol really learned how to shine. "Luke Hamill's Back in Africa" saw him grow as an actor, and watching his role in that film and its sequel just might make you grow too. Treat yourself to Kevin Warhol sex toys to feel like the man himself is right there with you.

Kevin Warhol Is a Charmer

To have sex with Kevin Warhol, invest in the Charmer. This toy measures nearly 10 inches in length and has more than 8 inches of fun inside. Designed to feel tighter as you enter and then expand as you go deeper, the Charmer lets you have the same experiences that his costars did in the past. The tight little hole feels just as soft and tight as Warhol does and features realistic textures that add to the sensation.

With ribbing inside, this Kevin Warhol toy helps you live out all your kinkiest of fantasies and titillates with every deep stroke. To take things to the next level, bring home the Charmer and Dildo Pack. Fleshjack includes all the amazing toys that you need when enjoying his work at home. You get the Charmer, which comes with a cover that protects it from damage, but you also get a realistic dildo for other types of play. Fleshjack even provides you with a bottle of Fleshlube for extra-slick fun.

Squeeze and Tease With the Right Toy

You just might feel like one of the "Dirty Rascals" when you choose the Squeeze toy, which comes with the seal of approval from Kevin Warhol. The Squeeze matches the size of the Charmer but has a completely different experience when you slip inside. A tight hole just big enough for the head of your penis wraps around that head in an enticing way and pulls you in as deep as possible. Changing your stroke lets you tease, squeeze and please yourself the same way Warhol would.

Designed just like the Classics from Fleshjack, the Squeeze comes with its own case that uses a pale shade of blue rather than the black case found on other toys. This will remind you of the stunner each and every time you use it. When you close your eyes and slide inside this toy, it's easy to feel like you're in another world and that no one else exists except you and Kevin Warhol.

Take Kevin Warhol Deep Inside

Whether you followed his career for years or just became a fan more recently, this custom-designed silicone dildo mimics every square inch of the Kevin Warhol that you see on your screen. Measuring 6 inches at the shaft with a 5.5-inch circumference, you can feel all the pleasure that Kevin Warhol brings deep inside. It's also great for couple or group play as you enjoy all the sensations that Kevin has brought to his costars over the years.

Make the Kevin Warhol dildo work better for you with a little lube. Fleshjack has some slick, sexy lubes that help you get the sensation you like best. While Fleshlube Ice has a crisp and cooling effect, Fleshlube Fire will heat you up in all the right places. With a little lube and the Kevin Warhol dildo, you'll never have "More Than You Can Handle."

Slide Deep Inside the Kevin Warhol Sleeve

If you already have the Fleshjack Classic, you can opt for Kevin's sleeve to bring a whole new feel to your favorite toy. Warhol also worked with Fleshjack to design a sleeve that fits inside your toy to breathe new life into your sexual fantasies and play time. You can enjoy an all-new sensation as Kevin's tight hole grips you with insides designed to pull all the pleasure right out. When combined with your Fleshjack, this sleeve will even go with you. You can take it on business trips and fun vacations to release your sexual frustrations during solo sessions or when you meet someone you want to share with on your trip.

Though Warhol has a great reputation and plenty of fans, he remains just as down to earth today as when he first started. He willingly admits that he was nervous and a little embarrassed the first time he stepped in front of the camera but feels more confident in his skills now. With plans to one day direct and produce films, it's clear that he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Kevin Warhol toys let you follow along with each step the actor makes.

  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'7"
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    Weight 140lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Blue
  • Length
    Penis Length 6"
  • Girth
    Penis Girth 5.5"
  • Position
    Position Versatile
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