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May 07, 2020

Firing Up Fleshjack's Quickshot Launch

You just got home from a long day at work and are in the mood to treat yourself. So, you head to your room and pull out your Quickshot toy. 

You remove both caps, remove your sleeve, slide it onto your Quickshot sleeve warmer for a few minutes, then remove it, generously applying lube so that it’s nice and slippery. 

You’re ready to go but admit it, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to do ALL of the work yourself?

Introducing FleshJack’s Quickshot Launch...

The Quickshot Launch provides you with a fully automated experience for use with ANY of our Quickshot toys. Whether you choose the Quickshot Vantage, the Pulse, or the Brent Corrigan Quickshot, rest assured they are all fully compatible with the Launch.

Let’s dive in and have a glance at what you can expect.

How Does The Quickshot Launch Work?

The first step to firing up your Quickshot Launch is to take your pre-warmed and lubed Quickshot and slide it into the clear cradle of the device. You will then start the Quickshot Launch with the multi-functional power button. 

Now, take command of the device by grasping each handle and take a second to get to know your Quickshot Launch’s easy to use, touch-sensitive controls. 

You’ll notice the handles and switches truly do look (and feel) like controls you'd see in a spaceship cockpit. These allow you to effortlessly change between 4 stroke lengths and speeds, allowing you to move experience anywhere between slow, drawn-out strokes or short, intense movements.

No matter your desired stroking pattern, the Quickshot Launch’s precise controls allow you to have a more customized experience. The device’s touch control system allows you to choose between three available pleasure zones–tip, shaft, or base.

In addition, the Quickshot Launch comes equipped with a universal smartphone mount. This gives you the option of viewing your favorite adult content while your hands are occupied, grasping the handles and managing the thrusting controls. 

To wrap things up, let’s take a glance at a few additional stand-out features of FleshJack’s Quickshot Launch.

Additional Quickshot Launch Features


Flexible Smartphone Mount

We all know that watching porn is essential to a quality masturbation session and with over 80% of all porn now watched on our smartphones, it was a no-brainer to include a flexible, universal smartphone holder on the Quickshot Launch. 

Incredible Stroking Speed

FleshJack’s Quickshot Launch, at its fastest speed (and shortest stroke length), moves at a blazing speed of 250 strokes per minute. Put your endurance to the test!

Fast Charging. Long-Lasting Battery.

No matter the electronic device, its charging ability, and battery life are an essential part of how much much we enjoy it. Not only is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a piece of cake to charge, but its 60-minute battery life ensures a long, pleasurable experience.

Anytime, Anyplace Blowjob 

The Quickshot Launch is a 24/7 blowjob machine. Whenever you desire a release, simply prep your Quickshot, lock, load, and...launch!

So, What’s Included With Your QuickShot Launch?

When you purchase your Launch, you get the following together packaged in the same box.

Important: With the base Quickshot Launch, the Quickshot toy is not included. If you prefer to purchase a Launch and Quickshot together, click here to view our entire package collection.

Are you ready? Click here to launch in 3… 2…1... 

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