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Mar 20, 2023

Introducing NEW Fleshjack Boy Tyler Wu!

Today we're thrilled to announce the arrival of 2023's very first Fleshjack Boy, gay porn's one and only male professional figure skater turned adult star, Tyler Wu.


Known for his lean, sexy build, handsome Asian features, and incredible on-screen performances, Mr. Wu is one of today's fastest-rising adult stars. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with him, you may be wondering…

Who is Tyler Wu?

The exceedingly handsome Wu is an Asian figure skater turned adult content creator born in England on February 1, 1997.

Mr. Wu began his career in gay porn by live streaming on Chaturbate and JustForFans for some extra cash during a summer break after graduating from university in 2018. Even as he started his professional ice skating career, continued to hone and evolve his content on the side.

tyler wu butt

Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to the rapidly growing OnlyFans, and in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he spent his weekends on Chaturbate, grew his Twitter following, and worked on perfecting his content. 

Tyler Wu has since become known for his high-quality pornographic videos that excel at storytelling and showcase his professional-grade cinematography, lighting, and color grading.

Tyler attributes his success to his exceptional creativity, willingness to try new things and genuine passion for his work. His primary source of inspiration is his father, who started a business from scratch and overcame many challenges as an immigrant from China in Europe. The young stud views his "Tyler Wu" persona as an aspect of his personality developed through his work. 

tylerwu fleshjack products

Tyler's perception of the industry has transformed since he started his adult career. He has come to understand the hard work and dedication that goes into creating content, and he now emphasizes the importance of diversifying one's content to achieve success. 

Overall, Tyler Wu has succeeded in the industry by being creative, passionate, and true to himself. And, as you can see, we here at Fleshjack have taken full notice. It's a pleasure to welcome him to the team as our newest Fleshjack Boy!

Let’s now take a glance at what you’re here for, his signature replica sex toy products.

The Tyler Wu Fleshjack: “Skater Boy”

Thin, muscular, limber… the prototypical figure skater boy you’ve always crushed on but never had a chance with, is now all yours to enjoy. 

tylerwu fleshjack

Spread his little twink cheeks and glide into one long narrow textured chamber lined with various crisscrossing textures. 

tylerwu texture

Tyler’s Fleshjack texture can best be described as a long cluster of densely-packed diagonal ribs and nubs designed to snuggly spiral around your cock with perfection. 

Buy your Tyler Wu Fleshjack here!

The Tyler Wu Dildo

Perfectly sized for beginners and veterans alike, Tyler Wu’s circumcised cock is yours to enjoy whenever (and however) you like. 

tylerwu dildo

Measuring from base to tip, Tyler’s erect penis is 7.0", including his balls, with an insertable length of 5.5". Finally, the circumference at the base of his shaft measures 5.75". 

Made with the highest quality, platinum-cured silicone, this perfect Asian prick can be yours in just a few simple clicks - get yours here today!

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