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Jun 22, 2020

The Fleshjack Challenge


Earlier this month, we created our own version of the #DontRush (aka Makeup Brush) Challenge for TikTok and YouTube. We call it the Fleshjack Challenge.

It stars many of our most popular Fleshjack Boys such as Liam Riley, Boomer Banks, Levi Karter, Diego Sans, and more! 

Check it out here below.

However, in case you’re not quite up to date with this latest social media trend here’s a quick rundown of this latest 2020 internet phenomenon.

What is the Don’t Rush (aka Makeup Brush) Challenge?

Earlier this year, with social distancing guidelines still in full effect across the entire country, many people on social media got creative with different virtual challenges they could share amongst friends. One of the most popular of these was the #DontRush Challenge. 

In the beginning, it consisted of nothing more than a makeup brush, a couple of friends, and a TikTok account. 

The name “Don’t Rush” is meant to be ironic because the #DontRush Challenge videos are edited to look like you get ready within seconds. 

The point of the challenge is to get together with your closest friends (online) and show off your best transformations from your lounging around the house gear to going out with the boys.

Though a makeup brush is most typically used, our Fleshjack Boys substituted it for a standard baby blue Fleshjack case instead.

The Fleshjack Boys Take the Challenge

As we “socially distanced” we wanted to do something fun with our Fleshjack Boys, so we decided to ask for their help in creating this video to spotlight their individual personalities. As you can tell, they had a blast filming their individual transformations. 

Take a look at Liam Riley as he literally uses a makeup brush for his amazingly drastic transformation. Besides his eyes, it’s nearly impossible to tell that this is the same person!


With his Fleshjack in hand, Diego Sans changes from his around-the-house loungewear (with skull cap) into a nearly nude male supermodel in just a matter of seconds. 


Don’t stop here! 

Make sure not to miss out on seeing the entire Fleshjack Challenge starring Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley, Diego Sans, AND Boomer Banks, Levi Karter, Allen King, Beaux Banks, and Jake Bass. 

Click here to see for yourself.

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