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Nov 25, 2021

Meet New Fleshjack Boy Reno Gold!

For several years now, you've watched him from afar, but now your time has come to get in on the action. 

One of gay porn's most fit and flexible hotties is now a Fleshjack Boy. Let's give a warm welcome to one of today's adult industry icons, Reno Gold!


Hailing from Nevada, Fleshjack Boy Reno Gold is a model, content creator, and social media personality known for his strikingly good looks, engaging personality, and incredible flexibility. Born on December 27th, 1995, this Capricorn knows exactly what his fans crave has achieved great success by consistently delivering in spades. 

Growing up, academics were never Reno's strong suit. However, where he lacked school aptitude, he made up for this with his physical prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. 

A natural athlete and exceptionally talented gymnast, a young Reno Gold won a national championship in tumbling and has now made his incredible flexibility a staple of his erotic performances today. In fact, this golden boy is so limber that he could even suck his own dick if he was ever so inclined!


According to Reno, from the moment he saw his very first adult film, he knew he wanted to become a pornstar. Reno Gold kicked off his career in the adult industry at 18 by pursuing both webcam modeling and male stripping. 

If you follow him, you know that this stud is a natural-born entrepreneur and never relied on the traditional route to "make it" in today's porn industry. Instead, Reno Gold took to the world of fan-subscription channels to film his own steamy content. 

On OnlyFans, Reno made a name for himself, regularly posting both solo and sizzling male-on-male duo scenes. His video content is known for its imaginative storylines and funny scripts that allow his subscribers to get a taste of both his personality and hilarious sense of humor.

Today, Reno runs his own porn studio, managing every detail of his high-quality adult content. Now, you can take your viewing pleasure to new heights with his replica dildo and Fleshjack, molded from his exact likeness.

The Reno Gold Fleshjack: Golden Boy 

Molded from the pornstar himself, “Golden Boy” is the piece of athletic ass you’ve always dreamt about cumming inside.


What starts out as an ultra-tight yet pleasantly smooth entrance point rapidly transitions to an intricately textured Fleshjack sensation. 


Pornstar Reno Gold’s anal alley is expertly crafted to deliver the manhood massage of a lifetime. Click here to shop his Fleshjack today!

The Reno Gold Dildo

Take your big cock fantasies to new heights with our all-new replica of Reno’s impressive manhood. 

It’s no mystery that this young star has got it all – he’s hot, cut, and flexible as f*ck! He has a pretty spectacular cock, too. 


Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone, this Fleshjack Boy’s porn-perfect dick can be yours! Length from base to tip: 7.5” including balls. Insertable length: 5.5” excluding balls. Circumference at base of shaft: 5.75”.

Shop your Reno Gold dildo and Fleshjack here today!

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