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Nov 28, 2022

Introducing NEW Fleshjack Boy Sharok

Since 2018, you've watched him from afar, but now your time has come to get in on the action. 

Gay porn's premiere Middle Eastern hottie now has a signature Fleshjack and replica dildo. Let's give a warm welcome to one of today's fastest rising stars, the supremely sexy Sharok!

Sharok Fleshjack Boy

Sharok is a studly Iranian-Turkish hunk known for his rugged masculine appearance and dominant on-screen performances.  

As one of today's most talked about adult performers, Mr. Sharok is more than just sexy eye candy; this Persian alpha is an all-around talented and versatile performer, too.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, this jacked 5 '11", 220 lb Virgo has a unique porn origin story. Nearly two decades ago, at 18 years old, a young Sharok first dipped his toes in the porn industry, filming several scenes but quickly exited for reasons that still resonate with him to this day. According to an interview:

"A friend of mine got me my first scene, and it snowballed from there. I always wanted to do it, but I didn't feel like there was a space for anybody besides White, Black, or Latino men. It wasn't the right time for me, so I quickly exited and didn't return until 2018."

Since his comeback, it's clear that the top-dominant stud has found his footing in the adult industry this time around. In addition to becoming a Cockyboys exclusive, Sharok has also caught the eye of the industry's most influential people, earning numerous awards and nominations for his mouth-watering hardcore performances. These include "Best Supporting Actor" and a nomination for "Performer of the Year" (GayVN Awards, 2021).

Now, you can live out your Middle Eastern fuck star fantasies any time, just how you like it. Let’s now explore Sharok's backdoor Fleshjack "Carnal" and his hyper-realistic dildo, molded from his exact likeness.

The Sharok Fleshjack: Carnal

Give into your carnal desires and plunge deep into a life-like replica of Sharok’s Iranian anus. 

Sharok Fleshjack

As you squeeze inside his muscular butt, a mega-tight whirlwind of diverse sensations awaits your erect rod. Brace yourself, Carnal is crafted for both realism and incredible stimulation – the best of both worlds!

Sharok Fleshjack fleshjack texture

Once inside, you’ll first push through innovative beaded tentacles designed to stimulate your penis head just right, hardening your erection to the max. Next, a dual-ringed centerpiece hugs your manhood, urging you to continue thrusting deeper inside. Lastly, a final chamber of elevated horizontal ridges awaits, ensuring your rigid member is pampered with 360 degrees of pure sexual pleasure from start to finish.  

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The Sharok Dildo

The wait is finally over – the Persian prick you've always wanted inside of you can now be yours to own.

Sharok Fleshjack Dildo

Measuring from base to tip, Sharok's erect penis measures 6.5", including his balls, with an insertable length of 5.5". Finally, his girthy circumference at the base of his shaft measures in at 7.0.”

Sharok Fleshjack Dildo measurement

Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone, this Fleshjack Boy's porn-perfect dick can be yours with just a few simple clicks. 

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