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Aug 02, 2021

Introducing New Fleshjack Boy - Josh Moore!

One of porn's sexiest gay imports is now yours to enjoy! We’re thrilled to welcome our newest Fleshjack Boy, Josh Moore.

An Englishman, Mr. Moore is recognized as one of porn's sexiest foreign stars today. With his chiseled body and thick British accent, he's a dream come true for loads of men across the globe. A former fitness instructor, Josh is known for his lean, muscular build, hairy chest, and striking tattoos. 


Hailing from the seaside town of Dover, England, where he was born and raised, Josh was always curious about porn. According to him, "I've always loved my body and have always been an exhibitionist. One day I looked around, and I was unhappy with my life and my job, so I thought, why not give it a try?" 

While a few former stars have come out in recent years to speak out against the industry, Josh Moore continues to take the opposite approach. He considers sex and porn to be highly empowering. For Josh, Sexual education is a topic Josh feels passionate about. So much so that in one of his recent films, he and fellow Fleshjack Boy Ricky Roman incorporate education on how both gay sex and the adult gay industry work.

This OnlyFans trailblazer won 2020’s Str8 Up Gay Porn's Best Lead Actor award. And now, here in 2021, we're excited to welcome him as our newest Fleshjack Boy. Let's now explore his signature replica sex toys.

Josh Moore's Fleshjack 

Josh's Fleshjack sensation named "Cheeky" (a nod to his British roots) is as edgy as the man himself. Unscrew the cap and try to contain yourself as his open backdoor invites you inside for a wild romp. 


As you press inside Josh Moore's tight ass, his unique texture begins with a never-before-seen cubed entrance that welcomes your cock with a stimulating squeeze.


Slide a bit deeper inside, and you'll feel its incredible centerpiece – a jagged corkscrew sensation designed to push your sexual stamina to its utmost limit.

Shop yours here today!

Josh Moore's Dildo

Take one glance at him, and it's plain as day – Josh Moore has it all! Move your gaze from his chiseled jawline downward past his stunning tattoos scattered across his impressive body, and you'll find his perfect uncut cock. 


Made with the highest quality platinum cured silicone, this Fleshjack Boy's dick can now be yours! Length from base to tip: 8.50", including balls. Insertable length: 7.00" excluding balls. Circumference at base of shaft: 6.75."

You've always wanted to cum with Josh, and now you can! Click here to shop Josh Moore's fabulous Fleshlight sex toys today. 

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