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Oct 04, 2021

Return of the Fleshjack Freaks Dildos!

They're back! 

The wildest, spookiest cocks you've ever laid your eyes on are once again available for a limited time. 

As you might gather from the looks of this product lineup, we here at Fleshjack get a little carried away with our freaky tendencies with Halloween on the horizon.

Made with the highest quality platinum cured silicone, these dildos come in a variety of styles, allowing you to live out your kinkiest fantasy, enjoying deep pleasurable penetration from the monster of your choice.

In this article, we'll give you all of the dirty details on each and every one. So, without further ado, let's learn more about these spooky shlongs!



What took light years to arrive is now ready to be abducted into your black hole—introducing the Alien dildo.


This lengthy blue cock will fulfill your blue alien "Avatar" sexual fantasy like no other. This toy measures 8" inches long, including balls, with an Insertable length of 7.25". Its circumference at the base of the shaft is 5.5" inches in diameter.

Shop your Alien dildo today!

Buy yours today!


Alien King

If you've ever craved intergalactic intercourse, you're in luck – the top alpha of the entire alien race awaits your arrival. 

The Alien King is a long, ribbed cock unlike any found on planet Earth. Designed to probe your deepest of spaces, we crafted this dildo to ensure out-of-this-world orgasms. 




The Alien King's length from base to tip sits at 9.25" inches (including balls). His insertable length measures at 7.25" with a circumference of 6" the base of its shaft.


This time the roles have been reversed; now the vampires are doing the staking! It's time to get your freak on with history's most notorious blood-sucking nightwalker: Dracula!



This legendary centuries-old cock measures 7.5" inches (including balls), with an insertable length of 7". Its girth measures just 5.5" at the base of the shaft. 

Buy your Drac dildo here!


Buy yours today!


Be on the lookout; something BIG has been spotted cumming out of the woods as of late. 



If you come into contact with him, you only have two options:

You can run and hide. Or, you can stand your ground and your hands around his massive member.

This larger-than-life creature's cock is the biggest of our entire line of Freak dildos. Designed with our "brown sugar" color platinum cured silicone, this toy measures in at a whopping 11.5" (including balls) and insertable length of 9.5". 

Be warned, Bigfoot's dildo is as girthy as they come with a circumference of 7.75" at the base of his shaft.


Shop yours today!




Legend has it that when The Hunchback of Notre Dame saved Esmeralda, she never suspected that he was packing a long and curiously curvy cock. 



This freak's dick might be ugly on the outside, but once it's inside you, you won't be complaining. The Hunchback dildo is made to hit all the right spots – making you cum like never before. 

The Hunchback dildo measures 8.75" (including balls) from the base to its tip. It has an insertable length of 7.25" with a girth of 6" at the base of his shaft. 

Get it here!


The Predator is coming. 

You can run, you can hide, but honestly, why would you want to?



The Predator dildo with its bumpy purple exterior is begging to be inside of you. Long and wide, just like you like it, this cock gives you a total of 8.25" inches of length (including balls) and an insertable length of 6". The circumference at the base of its shaft is 6.25".

Don't fear; the Predator can be yours soon. Shop yours today!

Get yours here!


Silver Cyborg 

The future of dildos is here. If you've always longed for an experience in artificial intercourse, the time is now.



The Silver Cyborg dildo is unlike any cock you've ever witnessed. With its rigid shaft and pointed head designed to stimulate you like no other, this is a must-have toy for any bedroom.

The Silver Cyborg's cock comes with an 8" inch length (including balls) and insertable area of 7.5". Its circumference at the base of its shaft measures precisely 5.5" inches.


Buy yours now!


"It's alive... it's alive... it's alive!"

You guessed it. There is only one monster this massive cock can belong to – the one and only legendary freak, Frankenstein!


This dildo matches Frankenstein's intimidating frame to perfection. Look for yourself and see for yourself why we call this beast Frankenstein's "monster." 

The length from base to tip is 11" inches (including balls), and an insertable length of 10". Frankenstein's dildo circumference measures in at the base of his shaft at 6.25".

Click here to buy yours today! 

Buy yours today!


When Fleshlight's Grim Reaper comes to collect your soul, he doesn't use traditional methods - he uses his big cock to accomplish the task.



Long and girthy, this dildo displays a lovely, jagged exterior texture up and down its enormous shaft.  

Sitting amongst the top of our most impressively long and thick cocks, this Freak dildo has a length of 9.25" (including balls), an 8" insertable length, and circumference at its base of the shaft of 6.5".

Get yours here!


Get yours here!


As with all zombies, this one wants your brain, but with one difference: he plans to fuck it out of you!

With an outward experience of what you might envision – if you were ever to imagine such a thing – this zombie's cock has a delightfully decaying design. 



As will all of our dildos, this long, sturdy freak of nature is made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone in epic detail. Its length from base to tip is 8" (including balls). The insertable length is 7.5" excluding balls, and the circumference at the base of the shaft is 5.25".

Buy yours today! 


Twisted Twins

The concept for Twisted Twins is simple yet strikingly creative: two stunning cocks spiraling into one delicious shaft for your penetrative pleasure. One of the most unique dildo designs we've ever come across, this is the sex toy you never knew you needed. 


This wild and crazy cock has a length from base to tip of 8" inches with an insertable length of 6.5". At its thickest point, the girth measures in at 5.75".

Don't hesitate – shop your Twisted Twins dildo here!

With that, we wrap up our Return of the Freak dildos launch. Perfect for solo or partner play, the Freak line of dildos is just what you need to get into the Halloween spirit this fall. These monsters are for a limited time only. Click here to shop your Freaks today!

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