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Oct 03, 2022

Return of the Fleshjack Freak Dildos! Pt. 1

It's October, and here at Fleshlight, that can only mean one thing:

The thickest, longest, spookiest shlongs you've ever seen are once again available for a limited time. Made with the highest quality platinum cured silicone, these dildos come in various wild and freaky designs, allowing you to live out your kinkiest deep penetration fantasy with the monster cock of your choice.

In this part-one article, we'll give you all the dirty details for six of our Freak dildos. Make sure to tune into our next post for a full rundown on the rest of our limited-time launch.

Without further ado, let's check them out.

The Alien Dildo

What took light years to arrive is now ready to be abducted into your black hole – once again. 

It's time to welcome back the Alien dildo! 

Available for a limited time only, this lengthy blue dick will remind you of something you'd see in an Avatar-themed porn scene. While you may at first laugh, give it some time, and you'll likely find yourself intrigued, fantasizing about the thrill of hardcore sex with a giant blue extraterrestrial.


The Alien dildo measures 8" inches long, including balls, with an Insertable length of 7.25". This sex toy's circumference at the base of the shaft is 5.5" inches in diameter, big but nothing you can't handle.

Shop your Alien dildo today!

The Silver Cyborg Dildo

The future of dildos is here. 

Introducing the Silver Cyborg dildo. Unlike any cock you've ever experienced, its rigid shaft and pointed head are designed to stimulate deep from within should you dare take every inch of its length inside you. 


Perfect for either partner or solo play, this platinum penis is a must-have toy for any bedroom.

The Silver Cyborg's cock comes with an 8" inch length (including balls) and an insertable area of 7.5". Its circumference at the base of its shaft measures precisely 5.5" inches.

If you've always longed for an experience in artificial intercourse, the time is now to live out your fantasies. 

Get yours here!

The Bigfoot Dildo

Something BIG was recently spotted lurking outside of the Central Texas woods.

If you come into contact with him, we recommend you choose your next steps wisely:

You can run and hide. 

Or, you can stand your ground… 

And wrap your hands around his long, impressive member.


What happens from then on is entirely up to you.

The biggest dildo of the entire Freak lineup, this larger-than-life creature's cock is designed with our "brown sugar" color platinum cured silicone, this toy measures in at a whopping 11.5" (including balls) and insertable length of 9.5". 

Be warned, Bigfoot's dildo is as girthy as they come, with a circumference of 7.75" at the base of his shaft, so lube up accordingly and enjoy!

Click here to shop your Bigfoot dildo today!

The Predator Dildo

It's October, and this means The Predator is out on the hunt, looking to breed.

You can run.

You can hide. 

But honestly, why would you want to? 


With its jagged purple exterior, the Predator Dildo is a unique and highly stimulating silicone cock designed to deliver orgasmic pleasure whenever you're in the mood. Long and wide, this penis is perfect for solo or partner play. 

With a total of 8.25" inches of length (including balls), an insertable length of 6", and a circumference at the base of its shaft is 6.25", this purple beast will inspire both fear and delight.

Have no fear; the Predator can be yours soon. 

Get yours here!

The Frankenstein Dildo

"It's alive... it's alive... it's alive!"

There is only one monster that is freakishly ugly and HUNG – the one and only legendary Frankenstein! 

This dildo matches Frankenstein's intimidating frame to perfection. Look for yourself and see why we call this thing Frankenstein's "monster." 


Long and girthy, the length from its base to tip is 11" inches (including balls) and has an insertable length of 10". Nice and thick, Frankenstein's dildo circumference measures in at the base of his shaft 6.25".

Available for a limited time only, now you can experience sex with this legendary stud any time, any place – buy yours today!

The Reaper Dildo

When this Grim Reaper comes to collect your soul, he doesn't use his methods of the past – a sharp blade – instead, he uses his big rigid cock to accomplish the task.


Terrifyingly long and girthy, the Reaper dildo displays a never-before-seen jagged exterior texture that runs up and down its enormous shaft.  

Sitting amongst the top of our most impressively long and thick cocks, this Freak dildo has a length of 9.25" (including balls), an 8" insertable length, and a circumference at its base of the shaft of 6.5".

It's time to hand over your soul. Before taking it, however, he promises you the orgasm of your life first.

Experience everything the Reaper has to offer – shop this Freak's dildo today!

With that, we wrap up part one of the Return of the Freak dildos. Perfect for solo or partner play, the Freak line of dildos is just what you need to get into the Halloween spirit this fall. 

Remember, these monsters are for a limited time only; click here to shop and stock up on your collection of Freak dildos today!

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