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Dec 26, 2022

Introducing the Joey Mills Quickshot Fleshjack!

Year after year, our Fleshjack Quickshot collection has experienced exponential growth and success. And, if we're being honest with you, this has come as no surprise.

Given their ultra-portable size, unassuming exterior case, and low price point, we believe these compact sex toys are the perfect option for men of all sexual orientations.

In today's article, we announce an exciting new addition to our ever-growing lineup of the Fleshjack Boy-inspired version of these sex toys, the Joey Mills Quickshot!

With it, we have combined the best features of this famous pornstar's signature Fleshjack texture, including his mouth and butt, and churned out a miniature, travel-size Fleshlight for your sexual gratification.

Joey Mills Quickshot Fleshjack

Perfect for either solo or partner play, the Joey Mills Quickshot Fleshlight takes everything you love about this best-selling Fleshjack Boy and his tight-butt sex toy sensation, "Electric," to deliver you a must-own male masturbator.

Keep reading, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about Joey and his signature Quickshot Fleshlight!

First, Who is Joey Mills?

A gay pornstar known for his contrasting slim, youthful physique offset with his thick and meaty cock, Joey is a dreamy twink and a top star in today's adult industry. With his gorgeous blue eyes and a boyish charm, one could say he is gay porn's prototypical "boy next door."  

Joey Mills boy next door

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Joey went into the adult industry at 18 years of age with (surprisingly) little objection from his family. 

In his free time, young Mills likes to spend time outdoors pursuing hobbies such as kayaking, hiking, and enjoying what life has to offer.

Kicking off his career in 2016, Mills was originally exclusive with Helix Studios, but since 2018 he moved over to working solely with, where you can find him as of this writing.

In 2021, just a few years after beginning his career in the adult industry, Joey Mills joined the ranks of the top boys in the industry, becoming a Fleshjack Boy. Now, as one of our top-selling studs, we've designed an all-new discreet, compact version of his fan-favorite backdoor sleeve, "Electric," for your dick-stroking pleasure.

The Joey Mills Quickshot 

At just over 4 inches in length, the Joey Mills Quickshot fits right into the palm of your hand. Equipped with a replica of Mr. Mills' butt and mouth, this compact male masturbator gives you two ways to enjoy your time with this slender stud. 

Joey Mills Quickshot Fleshjack Ruler

To use, begin by removing both end caps. Inside you will find each end molded to an exact likeness of the adult star's most intimate orifices.

Slide your cock into Joey Mill's boyish mouth, and feel a series of stimulating, densely grouped bumps massage the tip of your cock with every stroke. 

Joey Mills Quickshot Fleshjack texture

When you're in the mood for backdoor action, enter Joey's snug twink ass on the opposite end of his Quickshot. Inside, you'll feel a swirling cyclone of raised nubs expertly designed to hug and caress your erect member. 

With the clear and compact Joey Mills Quickshot™ by Fleshjack®, you'll be able to watch every satisfying moment of self-pleasure. Or invite a partner over for some three-way oral action with Joey. 

Don't second guess it – he’s nearly yours. 

Click here and add the Joey Mills Quickshot to your sex toy collection today!

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