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May 13, 2020

What is Fleshjack?


So, you’re here to learn a little about Fleshjack, huh? Rest assured, being that we're the official site for all things Fleshjack, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s get started with a brief overview.

Fleshjack: A Quick Introduction

Fleshlight was founded in 1995 and quickly rose to the top as one of the best-known names in the sex toy industry today. Fleshlight’s name originated from a combination of its realistic flesh-like sleeve that is housed inside a case designed to look like a flashlight.

After the rapid success of Fleshlight, Fleshjack, a line of masturbation toys designed specifically for gay men, was born.

Since our products are geared towards men who are attracted to other men, Fleshjack’s sleeves are similar in design to the well-known anal Fleshlights, without the option of a vaginal orifice.

Fleshjack: The Basics


At Fleshjack, our primary focus is creating top-of-the-line masturbation sleeves with the gay man in mind. Our products are designed to enhance your satisfaction in solo-play by acting as an artificial orifice that you can access anytime, anywhere. Each toy is aligned with arousing textures and varying degrees of tightness to massage, grip, tantalize your dick. 

Fleshjack’s sleeves are made from a silky, flexible material called “SuperSkin,” which feels remarkably like real flesh.

Currently, Fleshjack has a wide variety of individual textures and toy sizes. Regardless of whether you prefer quick-and-intense or long-and-slow masturbation, we have exactly the toy you desire.

Have a look at our diverse collection of sleeves here.


In addition to our patented SuperSkin sleeves, we also have an ever-growing collection of dildos molded from today’s hottest male stars (as well as other toys). 

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll save this topic for a future post (Coming Soon!)

How to Prepare Your Fleshjack For Use

Begin using your Fleshjack by simply opening the top (large) cap. Next, place the sleeve on the Sleeve Warmer. Your Fleshjack’s sleeve is specifically engineered to absorb and retain heat to maximize a lifelike experience that will keep you ‘cumming’ time and again.

Be patient. Allow your sleeve to warm for 3-5 minutes before using it… 

It’s 100% worth the wait.

Next, place the sleeve back in its case. 

Finally, apply a generous portion of water-based lubricant to your Fleshjack and yourself. 

It’s nearly time to take the plunge.

How to Use Your Fleshjack

One of the greatest things about Fleshjack is that it's entirely up to you how you want to use it. 

There are only two recommendations before penetrating your toy and treating yourself to the Fleshjack experience:

  1. Adjust the rear cap to your liking. This can either be loosened or tightened to regulate airflow, allowing you to dial in on the degree of suction and tightness you prefer. 

  2. Choose between using your hand, our shower mount, or our stationary mount. 

How to Clean and Care for Fleshjack?

fleshwash and powder

Cleaning your Fleshjack is simple.

  1. Once you “finish,” carefully remove the sleeve from its case.

  2. Rinse out the case and let it sit out to dry.

  3. Thoroughly rinse out all lube and bodily fluids from the canal of the sleeve (use only warm water here). Then apply our anti-bacterial FleshWash.

  4. Allow the sleeve to dry out in a well-ventilated area.

  5. Once the sleeve is dry, apply a generous amount to Fleshjack Renewing Powder onto your sleeve until it's completely coated with a thin layer. 

What are you waiting for? Fleshjack toys are made to be used, not (just) read about. 

Shop yours today!

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